Extra scrupulous cleaning

We will take care of your flat or house after a reconstruction, clean up after sanitation or other utility repairs. Cleaning up long neglected premises to pristine condition. We will professionally clean and disinfect hard to reach areas using high grade cleaning agents that can clean even the toughest stains. 
Every cleaning job is a unique challenge, we make sure we offer the most optimal solution for your situation and help you cope with it in the most efficient way possible.
Our cleaning experience is divers so we can cope with everything from small flat to a large house or commercial premises.

Nešvarių patalpų valymas

Default General Cleaning services 

• floor cleaning (wet);
• carpet cleaning;
• Dust cleaning from furniture, window sills, lamps and other surfaces;
• cleaning of table, chair and other furniture legs;
• door and jamb cleaning;
• taking out the trash, cleaning the garbage bins and replacing garbage bags;
• Window and other glass surface cleaning;
• Kitchen, bathroom and other room cleaning;
• computer and other electronics cleaning;
• WC and other sanitary facilities cleaning with  disinfectant agents;
• Toilet and sink descaling;
• Kitchen cleaning, kitchen drawer cleaning (inside and outside);
• Electronic equipment cleaning (microwave, oven, hood);
• dishwasher cleaning (on request);
• Attic cleaning.